Internet Marketing - The Sweeping Wave
Internet is not only about having an email id, website or few social networking accounts. It has reached much deeper into our lifestyles and has created its own self sufficient universe. Strangely there are more email accounts and social networking id's than one can probably target in a lifetime. Undoubtedly internet has created its own market place. Internet marketing today provides marketers a unique opportunity to showcase their products or services to the global clientele at a fraction of cost of traditional marketing efforts. Even with this potential, traditional marketers still are apprehensive about its effectiveness. However, the new generation companies are more experimental and have invested smartly into internet promotions. By internet marketing PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are still considered as the most popular options. But in reality, internet marketing has evolved beyond PPC & SEO. From social media applications, gaming, micro blogging to target specific associate marketing are increasingly gaining popularity. There are also subtle forms of emerging internet marketing trends coming up which will revolutionize the sector. 'iMedia Disha' a Delhi/NCR based company is providing a whole new lot of internet marketing services to woo the ever growing 'netizens'. They are among the new breed of innovation evangelists who specialize in creating a buzz with all of their campaigns. The team crafts each solution with great precision and strong fundamentals so that the campaigns cut through the ordinary and glitter like a diamond.

Print 'Success' with Newspaper

Prominent, effective and still one of the most dependable advertising media is newspaper. Newspaper advertisement has evolved with time. Nowadays with target oriented sections available, advertising in print media is more concise and reliable.

However, with the introduction of new age media and internet advertisement platform, today advertising in newspaper needs to be strategic and planned carefully. Determining the client's objective and target audience is utmost important step while devising the Advertisement plan. While advertising in national level newspaper can promote to a larger section, advertisement in tabloid may reach focus reader groups more effectively. Also the determining factors might be the products/service category, ad size, campaign duration and cost.

iMedia Disha Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated media solution provider having unparallel expertise in Print Media. Utilizing our speciality in the newspaper domain, we at iMedia Disha have provided excellent advertising solution for our clients in eminent newspapers, magazines and tabloids. With iMedia Disha's insight and network, we ensure our clients best ROI. We have advertisement solution that can cater your requirement without compromising on quality or for the matter of fact your budget. Our expertise lies in conceptualising the right approach and best in class network right from national dailies to regional news papers. Our innovative media packages, budget calculators, demographical audience knowledge are the differentiators that set us apart from rest.

The significant rise of brand promotion, collaborative initiatives and innovative advertisement solutions in newspaper, iMedia Disha has tapped immense scope in maximising the reach and effective response. With newspaper Ads taking a good round, it's the right time to invest in this media with expert guidance. And when it's about media.there's no one better than iMedia Disha.

How to choose between SEO and PPC- The basic guidelines

Ideally, for optimum result any online marketing company will suggest a balance mix of SEO and PPC. But there are very few who knows that to reach target customer it is sometime necessary to choose either SEO or PPC. Well, it is a tricky situation and requires an in depth knowledge of PPC and SEO on the part of online marketing company. For a starter to select between SEO and PPC or to create the balance proportion between SEO and PPC ask few basic questions to yourself.

What is my budget?
What are my keywords?
How relevant is my website content with those keywords?
Who are my target audience?
What is the time period of my campaign?
What I am actually looking for 'Traffic' or 'Enquiry'?

When you have answers to these questions then only you can design your internet promotion plan. Mind here, managing SEO or PPC campaign can be challenging and time consuming. So, calculate your opportunity cost, outsourcing cost and compare with the benefits to come to any conclusion. iMedia Disha believes in exceeding the limitation and marking new benchmark in the sector of internet promotion.
Driven by enthusiastic and expert team, iMedia Disha always integrate innovative and trendy promotional activities both in online and offline media platform. Our experience in working with various industry and domains granted us a special leverage of knowing market requirements clearly. Our widest range of internet promotion packages are designed to suit every budget and any requirement. We at iMedia Disha follow extensive pre requirement study and regular campaign analysis to maximize the benefits. We are accessible to international clients with email and helpline and if you are in Delhi NCR region let us know for personalised interaction. Send us any query and iMedia Disha will be happy to assist you in best possible way. "Brand" is a five letter word that has remained a quest for most businesses from centuries. If you read any management book on Brand you'll find plenty of definitions, History, Importance etc. However what remains a topic of discussion forever in practical business world is "How to do Branding". In today's world where every next business is trying to create a niche for itself the real meaning of brand and the right way of branding has evolved much. There are very few books which actually have updated knowledge or are helpful to small and mid level businesses. Today the real challenge is providing effective branding solution to mid level client with limited budgets. It is very difficult or rather improper to claim that branding can be done at any budget but it can certainly be claimed that branding 'can be' done with limited budget. To get effective branding for a certain target group needs not only expertise but thorough research and innovation in the part of branding service provider. While technology and media are progressing at a very fast rate, the traditional way of branding is becoming outdated with every passing day. Now is not the time to spend money on anticipation rather we should design branding process with focus on absolute results.

"Branding" - The eternal quest of a marketer

"Brand" is a five letter word that has remained a quest for most businesses from centuries. If you read any management book on Brand you'll find plenty of definitions, History, Importance etc. However what remains a topic of discussion forever in practical business world is "How to do Branding". In today's world where every next business is trying to create a niche for itself the real meaning of brand and the right way of branding has evolved much. There are very few books which actually have updated knowledge or are helpful to small and mid level businesses.

Today the real challenge is providing effective branding solution to mid level client with limited budgets. It is very difficult or rather improper to claim that branding can be done at any budget but it can certainly be claimed that branding 'can be' done with limited budget. To get effective branding for a certain target group needs not only expertise but thorough research and innovation in the part of branding service provider. While technology and media are progressing at a very fast rate, the traditional way of branding is becoming outdated with every passing day. Now is not the time to spend money on anticipation rather we should design branding process with focus on absolute results.

iMedia Disha is a brand management company based in Delhi NCR (Gurgaon), offers both the benefit of expertise and innovation. Here every branding assignment is treated as a singular case and the whole concept, research, planning and efforts are customized for it. The professional team creates the perfect objective- result, budget -cost and expectation -deliverable synchronization with an amazing perfection. The personal touch and customer responsiveness remain on top of every service of iMedia Disha. With this high level of commitment and dedication iMedia Disha offers fresh branding solution every time.

"Branding"- Gaining Facebook Fan Base

Unanimously Facebook the most thriving and popular social media platform is just getting bigger each day. And where there is population there is brands fighting to get the spot light. However, unlike other social media platform, getting noticed in Facebook is not that tough compared to getting loyalist of your brand. Exactly, here comes the need of smart promotion.
For the matter of fact, facebook itself has developed the concept of fan page to encourage branding activities and acquire audiences or “Fan” as normally the term is. I would like to share few points on achieving a fan base easily and steadily (And most of the time it is FREE !!! )
Short Term Goal: If your goal is to achieve huge fan base like 100000 Facebook fans in 1 month time….well it is possible but expensive.
• Firstly a good attractive landing page is required which will trigger interest in your target fan base. (based on age, locality and interest)
• Go for rigorous Facebook Adverts. Interesting and visually exciting ads will act as a magnet and bring genuine fans in your page
• Provide lucrative offers and gifts because everyone love goodies specially if it’s free
• Viral marketing is good option to gain short term goal however one must be very cautious since Face book terms and conditions keeps on changing and strictly one should abide them.
Long Term Goal: If you plan to achieve consistently fans in your facebook fan page then read on :
• Attractive landing page is must. Better if the landing page offers some free goodies to fans joining your facebook page.
• Constant interaction with fans is must. Every questions and queries must be answered
• Trigger interest by asking about their interest
• Go for competition and tournaments in your page
• From time to time bring in your brand as a topic of discussion
• Upload videos and photos of your organisation
• And last but not the least ppc helps. Club with good facebook PPC adverts…it really helps.
Go ahead and build an effective fan base for your facebook page.
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"Branding"-Social Media Marketing: Increase fans and followers

A hypnotic ever active place in the internet is undoubtedly the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace and others. Interestingly, these social media platforms are promising marketers more than just visibility. For instance, facebook’s cool applications when mixed with smart advertisement can fetch potential customers in the form of face book fans initially. There is no denying of the fact that the importance of socially active in the virtual media is as important as the presence in real branding world. Millions of users surfing and browsing across the continent is just increasing the probability of stumbling upon your presence. Rightly, this opportunity is meant to grab and any smart marketers will not leave a stone unturned in order to gain the visibility. Internet marketing is gaining new momentum with enhanced technology. For example dedicated application for iPhone reaches its target audience effectively and more importantly in a right manner. The essence of internet marketing is that one can understand the likeness quotient of particular brand or product directly without going deep into some research work. Especially by staying active with face book fans and twitter follower in a way help in refining idea. No doubt the big brands and organization have a dedicated facebook fan page and twitter account always buzzing with activities and engaging their fans or followers. iMedia Disha’s observatory trait always act as a vantage point , since catching the nerve of the market is very crucial while designing any internet marketing campaign. They are the new generation brand consultant based in Delhi/NCR offering a range of trend setting branding solutions and promotional services to the global companies. iMedia Disha offers smart solution on internet marketing media in a seamless way. Why follow others, Let’s be different!!!
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Brand Trends- Lingo vs. Language

It’s official now. The Language lost the war against Lingo!! The Language vs. Lingo war lasted for long but with the final blows in terms of SMS and Face Book lingo totally dominated the territory while language is facing deep retreat even in its strongholds like Books.

Now you already know the result of war let’s get into the details and find out various interesting war tactics that dominated the war. First we will see both armies Language and Lingo and find out their strong and weak points. Then we will see what lies in the future for each.

Language: The old and kingly army is very modest and rich. Its adaptability is very slow but permanent in nature. The sheer bulk of words and phrases make it impossible for it to move fast. Although it has inducted lots of new words over time but the adaptation process is very formal and needs lots of considerations, discussions by authorities, bureaucratic policies and lastly acceptance so every year not more than 10 new words get selected in the army. The weapons are also vintage books, traditional literatures, reports and formal education system. The strongest point is its volume, strength to fight back and a long list of supporters.

Lingo: This army is quick, subtle, stealthy and epidemic in nature. It derives its soldiers from the Language army by making minor changes in appearance and usage. It spreads like wild fire. But there are few issues here. The Lingo words ultimately try to merge with language army and it takes a lot to do that. Also the main drawback it faces is its limited users or regional biases. Lingo is different in different parts of society even each school or college campus can have their own Lingo. The lifetime of words is also very less some dies even within weeks or months. Few sustain for long. But the effect of Lingo is deadly. It penetrates all domains in such a speed that poor Language doesn’t get even time to realize it. It is also supported by latest technologies, fashions, youngsters and everything happening in present.
We now need to see how this war is leaving a lasting impact on human. While we use Lingo in daily life use Language in Education putting extra burden on our already small brain (OOPS). Now in the race to innovate latest trend lingo changes so fast that its existence itself is questionable. Although in war now Lingo has an upper hand but the volatile nature of it may backlash it someday and people may support good old Language in coming years. It may be anything in future but one thing is for sure Lingo gets outdated but Language gets updated. So choice is yours and do consider the short term and long term both as older you grow Lingo becomes alien to you and Language remains a friend forever.
iMedia Disha a leading brand management company based in India is burning a lot of midnight oil to research, correlate, analyze and predict the future of this war to align their support strategies. A spill from internal sources confirmed that initial results are showing a mixed pattern where few brands should use feel good language to build that credibility while new age launches need strong back up of innovative marketing, New media and mind blowing Lingo to penetrate the market and leave a mark on consumers. For more detail contact the brand war strategists at It is a war out there so if you want to see your brand on winning side always gets in touch with them ASAP.
10 strong tips to promote your website (Do It Yourself)

If you are reading this article, I may presume that you are well aware of the importance of having a website. But in this cut throat competitive market, only having a website does not change anything unless one tries to utilize benefits from it. I like to say that website is necessarily an investment which can give high ROI if utilized properly.

Here comes the very necessity of promoting the website. While there are countless ways to promote and gain market visibility, some unparallel and trusted methods never fails. Listing here are some of the easy and convenient tips which will increase visibility factor and enhance your position in the market.

Tip 1# Unique Article: Write unique article (original and not copied from some other website) and use it as your blog/resource. This increases the credibility both in the eyes of consumers and Search engine. It’s not always that you need to write keyword stuffed 100 SEO articles, but meaningful 10 articles can do wonders. Remember the quality above quantity axiom.

Tip 2 # Self SEO: There are countless ways to optimize for the result. You can submit your website to various directories like yahoo, DMOZ etc and listings according to your choice. However, I suggest submitting link only to high PR and traffic attracting sites.

Tip 3 # Forum Participation: Join discussion, debate and alike among peers and fellow marketers. This will enhance your foothold and increase the value of your brand. Moreover, forums let user to interact to a huge community, essentially acting as a strong platform of getting more audiences. So wherever possible leave your website trail in the forums.

Tip 4 # Right Keywords and meta-tagging: If you are not familiar with these terms, grab your designer and construct right targeted keywords and meta- tagging. This will ensure high result impact on search engine result.

Tip 5 # Network Matters: Join social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace etc and interact with people. Now there is even professional help for facebook marketing done by agencies like iMedia Disha and alike to give you a strong presence in the internet world. In fact study shows more and more people are spending 60 % of their time in social media platforms. So why not utilize the opportunity.

Tip 6 # Give to Get: Yes, another golden rule, write in other various blogs, forums which in turn will give a push to your visibility and consequently to your site’s. If you can attain a expert writer position in other site, you will gain a momentum success that is assured.

Tip 7 # Interest Generator: If possible interact with your audience/visitor of your site often; this proves that you care for your visitor. Give them something new or exclusive which will make them return to your site often. For example you may arrange weekly giveaway contest or something related to your product/services.

Tip 8 # Email Marketing: A way to reach your customer effectively is email marketing. Send occasional news and interesting facts . But remember ‘occasionally’ or else your mail would find it’s place in SPAM.

Tip 9 # Accessibility: Ensure you have designed a user friendly site where people may freely navigate and access the content. Don’t make it cluttered with bombardments of colors and fonts. Easy readability is must to promote your website. Remember people will promote your page if they find it organized and useful.

Tip 10 # Run Campaigns online: A powerful method to increase your web presence is by advertising through paid sevices like adwords, Pay-per-click process. However I think, little knowledge is required to get maximum advantage out of these programs.

Portal Development Trending In India

Online portals offering various services are quite common in western part of the globe. However in India till recently we had only some notable web portals in the real estate, entertainment and news sector. But it seems that things are turning round as more and more Indian companies are favoring the concept.

The huge change in the economic environment and the urban daily life stress has opened the flood gate of opportunities for e commerce portals. Average Indians have realized that online portals are meant to reduce their time and money significantly while one shops at the comfort of his or her home/work station. No doubt marketers have grabbed this opportunity instantly. As a result in a very short span of time we have witnessed a long list of this online portals right from deal sites, consumer goods sites coming live. The huge branding efforts also signify the potential growth and the demand. Now this field is also getting competitive and sites are coming with focused range of offering from furniture to shoe. The advancement of affordable technology, internet penetration and willingness to reach every potential customer of the world has made online portals the next big industry. Small to very large scale organizations are finding web portal as an excellent and cost effective medium. From a consumer’s point of view it is equally advantageous since buying any product at its best price easily and securely without hurting legs and paying premium to the middle man is always a welcome. Also worrying points of consumers i.e. payment is also very flexible like secure payment gateways, cash on delivery, Easy EMIs, coupons and what not. .

So what’s the catch in this portal thing? With the numbers growing again the thumb rule of traditional marketing will lead the path. Now people are more concerned about what extra they are getting, how reliable you are, how visible you are and WHAT IS YOUR USP?

So if some minds are planning to realize their idea online it is very important to associate with the right partner who can understand the project and offer solution rather bring their old wine and pour in your glass. Also integrated service providers like iMedia Disha will not only assist clients in the complete project lifecycle they are also ideal for handling the complete branding of the site to help it stand out.

We at iMedia disha have extensive exposure in the e commerce and other online portal development and managing the visibility. Our technical and business consultants will ensure your idea remains unique and add their professional touch to make it a success.

Courtesy: iMedia Disha Resources

Social Media Marketing in Delhi India

Nowadays no one can deny the fact that social presence of your business boost trust factor and infuse confidence among customers. More importantly, today marketers are taking their store virtually and selling products with high degree of efficiency.

While social media marketing via Facebook business page Twitter, LinkedIn and alike are very prevalent in western part of the world, India too is catching up with the same trend. With variety of online buying/selling portals, it is evident that future is online marketing and social networking sites.

Looking into this pattern many organizations are investing smartly on online marketing or commonly termed as digital marketing sector. With the advance technology and web platform and online portal, social media marketing is more into core marketing strategy. It is very essential to choose intelligent Social media marketers since there are no parameters in judging except the insight and ideation to popularise a campaign.

In Delhi, the organization iMedia Disha comprising talented young team is generating smart, edgy ideas to boost the social presence of brand. They understand requirement, customize a solution and deliver it impeccably. In brief the team promote your business and do justice to your investment with profitable result and high degree of professionalism. So anyone at India trying to reach global or local customer through social networking sites, iMedia Disha is a team worth trying.

E-commerce Site & Dynamic Portal website Development

Advance internet platform and sophisticated technology have triggered in the development of finer and superior buying/selling websites, more commonly known as E-commerce sites. This specialized version of website development has positioned itself both in term of popularity and usability. No wonder there are now a huge list of online shopping sites present in the web world and operating efficiently.

However, the development of these sites generally requires a thorough understanding of the technology, patterns and integrated software programming. Evidently, ecommerce sites or any portal can be developed only by professional website Development Company. iMedia Disha’s is a reputable name in the industry offering class apart web design a development solutions to our clients. Some basic features involved in e-commerce and online portal development are:

• Tailor made attractive and creative design
• Flowchart and process implementation as per client requirement
• E-commerce Shopping cart integration
• Administrator, user creation
• Account set up and management
• Content Management
• Technical Assistance

At iMedia Disha Pvt. Ltd in Delhi India, we have unparallel exposure and superior experience to create an unforgettable positive experience while developing your e-commerce site, dynamic sites, flash sites or online portals. We stay ahead of competition by updating our knowledge quotient, inducting superior processes and quality standards in all our operation.

The experienced team of web designers, web developer and consultant offers most comprehensive and advance solution in the arena of online business set up, portal development, e-commerce site, CMS sites, dynamic sites or flash websites. We are also integrated online service provider taking care right from branding to promoting your website efficiently. With us, you will get a rich experience and your perfectly developed site with highest degree of commitment.

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